Instructions for Co-Creators of V-Com

V-Com is a 24 hour online event starting at 9am PT / 5pm UK on Saturday 28th November and running until 9am PT / 5pm UK on Sunday 29th November.

This will be hosted primarily on SparkleVerse – with many content creators choosing to use Zoom and Twitch to deliver aspects of their experiences.

What is SparkleVerse?  

SparkleVerse functions like a visual directory with social features and space templates that make it easy and simple for members of the community to co-create and share experiences with others.

You can create spaces (camps / music venues), art pieces, experiences and you can schedule events.


If you wish to co-create this experience, please follow ALL of these steps:

(1) SIGN UP ON SPARKLE:  if you haven’t already done so, please sign up on the SparkleVerse system here.

(2) TELL A VCOM LEAD  YOUR SPARKLE USERNAME:  Please let us know your email address and sparkle username – that you created when you signed up at the above link – so we can upgrade you to have admin level access.  For last minute entries, we will do this in batches and upgrade you to give creator abilities as quickly as possible.

Oops! We could not locate your form.

Once we’ve received your username, we will upgrade you to give you creator admin access and email you to let you know.

(3) ACCESS CO-CREATOR TOOLS:   At this point you will be able to login to Sparkle Creation Tools here:

(4) CREATE A VENUE:  On this page you will be presented with a button that lets you create different kinds of venues.

Each of these buttons will lead to a simple form based wizard that will allow you to create some kind of experience.

Other than the name, everything else is editable later – so you can choose your name carefully but do a quick pass on everything else.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you set the back ID as Vcom so that we can add you to the main map and so your events appear on the main schedule.

By clicking on any of these, you will be prompted for what you need to create one.  You can schedule events and times later.

IMPORTANT:  In the final field, please enter vcom 

Then click CREATE / SAVE and your experience space will be setup.  Don’t worry, you can edit everything later other than the name.

(5) ADD OTHER ADMINS: Once you’ve done this, please click on your venue name on the left hand bar – based on its its name – and you will be able to add other users to edit this with you.  You’ll notice that Vcom admins (such as SparkleT) have been automatically added too – they will use these features to manually place you.

And then on the right hand-side, please click:

Make sure SparkleT and Tetris is listed.

You can also use this to add other people working on the venue/event with you.


IMPORTANT:  Once you’ve done this all, please let us know you have created your venue by filling out the form below.  We will process this in batches and let you know once we have.  Depending on the number of requests this may take some time, so please bear with us.

Oops! We could not locate your form.

For extra points:

(7) SCHEDULE AN EVENT:  Once you’ve created a venue, you can click on the Events tab and then Create an event.  This will give you a popup to schedule an event (using your local timezone) and the system will take the data you enter to create a schedule.


If you have finished setting up, let us know, a day has gone by and you’re not placed, let us know here and we will take care of it:

(9) Review SparkleVersity for inspiration and know how 

There are many great resources available in SparkleVersity too. The system has been slightly updated by  90% of tips still apply.