Last Updated: 21 August 2021

To be transparent, SparkleVerse is publishing its intentions of what it will do with ticket revenue from the our portion of the online burn.


  • We intend to create a process that is fair, even-handed and transparent.
  • We wish to foster trust by carefully balancing the needs of many stakeholders.
  • We intend to make our stakeholders whole as much as possible.
  • If we are only able to partially repay our stakeholders, we intend to do so in this order:
    1. Burning Man Project;
    2. SparkleVerse cost recovery
    3. Co-creators in the SparkleVerse, in as fair and equitable a manner as possible.

Our target is to generate $50,000+ in ticket donations while enabling as many artists, creators, performers and participants share wonderful experiences.  We have designed the below policy around distributing ~$100,000 in total revenue:

The “Distribution Hierarchy”

If we achieve up to TO $100,000 in donations, proceeds from SparkleVerse will be distributed in the following order, until none remains.

  1. 30% of gross revenue is to be donated directly to Burning Man Project;
  1. SparkleVerse’s server/admin cost recovery* up to actual outgoings but no more, including
    1. Transaction costs for donations / ticketing
    2. Stipends for volunteers
    3. Ad/Promo costs for donation based ticketing (if applicable)
    4. Server, SaaS, and infrastructure costs
      • Video infrastructure
      • Other backend infrastructure
      • Tools used by team (such as CRM subscriptions)
  1. Recipients of “Sparkle grants”, to be granted from a pool of up to 15% of gross revenue, as remains in the kitty;
    • A lightweight grant process will be created.
    • This will be a Google Form with a few questions.
    • No guarantees of grant can be provided.
    • Due to intense time constraints, the grant process is intended to be run AFTER the online burn.
    • Proof of your expenses WILL be required – so save your receipts!;

If we receive more than $100,000 in ticket revenue, we will supersede this policy with a new policy that tweaks slightly how we do things; if this happens, we will jubilantly investigate such possibilities as being more generous with the Sparkle Grants program. So make sure to tell your friends about the online burn! This policy is shared to transparently express our intentions and may be updated as required.

If there’s even a tiny chance you will be applying for a grant after the online burn, keep your receipts and be sure to provide us with your email address on the Tickets page. We will reach out once we’re ready.

* Note: SparkleVerse Online Burn cost recovery only applies to admin/server/SAAS costs/volunteer stipends.  There will be no cost recovery for time and labour costs of the tech team or cofounders of Sparkle.Space*.  For context: Sparkle.Space is an open source experimental social contextual project founded by Ed. The SparkleVerse Online Burn is built on an open-source fork of this. For more information, please see the IP section in the Technical Specification.