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Virtual Burn 2021 Ushers in a New Genre of Burning Man Experience


SparkleVerse, an Official Virtual Burning Man Experience for 2021 returns for a second edition 

August 29th*-September 5th, welcoming “Burners” from all corners of the planet in a week-long digital festival.

Involving simultaneous participation from festival-goers from every continent – this new “spatially decentralised” festival amounts to a new genre of experience.

  • SparkleVerse is one of six Worlds independently produced for Virtual Burn 2021. The experience features a giant interactive map, accessible by web-browser, made of spaces built by participants to connect, converse and experience meaningful interactions.
  • The Virtual Burn expands the diversity, inclusiveness and expression of the original Burning Man event, and features virtual camps from countries as diverse as Greece, Nigeria, Peru, Vietnam, Australia and Russia who will participate, alongside a blind Burners camp.  
  • Virtual Burn 2021 is a unique expression of global radical creativity and connection, pioneering a new genre of global festival, friendship and creativity.

“The joy of Burning Man is its inclusivity — everyone and anyone is warmly welcomed. With the SparkleVerse Online Burn anyone, anywhere — no matter their nationality, physical capacity, interests — can safely participate, making this a uniquely global celebration.” 

  • Ed Cooke, memory champion, product architect of SparkleVerse

“The SparkleVerse feels real. Last year, the mixed reality hot tub (everyone joined a giant Zoom call from their bathtubs and shower) gave people the full sensory experience of sharing a hot tub, for example.”

  • Sofi Lee-Henson, Co-creator of SparkleVerse 

As a group of creators who live off the thrill of creating art of all kinds, we never imagined we’d have the chance to participate in Burning Man. But here we are, and we honestly couldn’t wish for more and we can’t wait to share our afro psychedelic arts with the world, and make friends and vibe with people across the globe!”

  • Damilola Lofisat Lawal, from Abuja, Nigeria (participant, camp creator) 

About Burning Man Project

The nonprofit Burning Man Project produces the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City, Nevada and works year-round to provide support, education, and grants to a global ecosystem of artists, makers and community leaders. In doing so, the organization functions as the cultural heart of the global Burning Man community, facilitating and extending the culture that has emerged from the Burning Man event into the larger world.

About SparkleVerse

SparkleVerse is an officially recognized universe for Virtual Burn 2021.

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About The Co-Reality Collective

In 2020, a group of international artists, engineers, philosophers, polymaths, and performers formed the Co-Reality Collective. Their shared passion for creating imagination-expanding, connective and transformative growth experiences led to creating epic irreverent monthly online parties with their own adventure, map and narrative, transporting guests to a world they never could have imagined otherwise. 

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*BUILD WEEK-pre Opening for Camp Builders August 22

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Our Philosophy & Approach

SparkleVerse Online Burn is based on a philosophical interpretation of what the burn feels like.

We’re harnessing the tools of the internet to co-create a landscape of experiences you can explore – so participants can go on journeys featuring fun adventures, special moments, connection, stimulation and microdoses of magic.