Running Smooth Performance Spaces

Last modified: August 25, 2021

by Lisa Dang 

How can you create magical and consensual spaces where performers art can flow fully?

Smooth Performance Spaces - Part 1

Smooth Performance Spaces - Part 2

Running Smooth Performance Spaces: Checklist


  • Gracious & Flexible – Art blooms in the presence of safety & acceptance. Deep breath into the words “Moving at the Speed of Art” 
  • Pre-define what space you’re creating & the value it holds 
  • Create Consent Culture – ask performers for use of their name or act for promotions. Ask audience privately first if they’re willing to share their thoughts before selecting anyone for feedback. 



  • Performer signup sheet (master sample example below – *if using, first MAKE A COPY then customize the copy to your needs* )
  • Dress Rehearsal – Option full run or a quick short rehearsal; individual or group
    • (1) Sound, make sure it’s clear and the artist can hear it on their end
    • (2) Staging, the camera angle best serves the artist and performance
    • (3) Synergize Concept / Storyline “why are we gathering?”
    • (4) if applicable, feedback
  • Sound – Best Practice
    • The Host runs sound with secure internet
    • The Performer plays off the device or Bluetooth speaker 
  • Zoom Sound
    • “Share sound” icon on the bottom of Zoom app (depending on setting Hosts/co-hosts may only be able to see this) → click “advance” tab on top → click share computer or music only
    • Host mutes all guests in the room


Day(s) Before

  • Provide Marketing Material – synergize efforts – work smarter not harder – piggyback tagging 
  • Create an Artist Channel for as needed info (whatsapp/slack/messenger anything but carrier pigeons)
  • Check Zoom Settings; consider 
    • Mute participants upon Entry
    • Enable join before host 
    • Passcode (uncheck this so guests can enter the room without a passcode)
    • Waiting room
  • Test out Zoom Link + Host Key (when exiting do not “end meeting for all” as it’ll end the meeting entirely)


Day Of

  • Status + Temperature Check-in with Artists 
  • Concise messaging of Zoom Link
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