What is SparkleVerse?

SparkleVerse is a giant interactive World of concentrated creativity. Our map features places built by participants – sharing art, music, performances, experiences and more. When you wander through these places, you adventure your senses, experience human connection and get microdosed on magic moments.

Put your camps, art installations, or pop up interactive experiences on the map.

Our 2D browser-based map is designed for shared adventures through an integrated patchwork quilt of places and experiences. Come along to one of our webinars to learn how we can help your creativity flourish in Sparkleverse or try creating a space. Learn with Sparkleversity or get in touch. The SparkleVerse team are here to help.

SparkleVerse is easy to create on

Want some help and guidance in how to bring your art, camp or creativity to the Sparkleverse? Come to one our fun online webinars, where we can talk your through how it works and get you up and running.

Help and Inspiration is at hand in SparkleVersity

Burning Man… Online?

When the event in Black Rock City was cancelled, Burning Man’s multiverse theme took form as eight virtual universes – featuring interpretations of the art, camps, community and serendipity the burn is loved for. The SparkleVerse is a philosophical interpretation of what Burning Man feels like – and how the burn creates connection, shared magic and states of outlier consciousness – using the tools of the internet to create art.