We’re an ever-expanding group of Burners and enthusiasts for avant-garde online experiences. We met each other at criss-crossing online parties, collectivised, and we’ve shared adventures, became friends, and have been organising and helping others organise parties throughout the lockdown.

We invite you to join a fresh, and expanding community as we build our contribution to the virtual burn this year…

Some of our team

We’re working on this as volunteers, and are supported by 80+ artists, performers, technologists, intellectuals, DJs, musicians, creators and polymaths from our online party collective.

About SparkleVerse

Leading on the SparkleVerse Tech Platform are The Sparkle Team:

The SparkleVerse Online Burn is a fork of SparkleVerse – an open source social spaces platform & startup.

Ed is a UK based tech entrepreneur, student of memory palaces and amateur philosopher of parties. You can hear some of his thoughts on Burning Man in this fragment of a podcast recorded with Tim Ferriss. He’s helping with the product and community sides of the project.

Our Philosophy & Approach

SparkleVerse Online Burn is based on a philosophical interpretation of what the burn feels like.

We’re harnessing the tools of the internet to co-create a landscape of experiences you can explore – so participants can go on journeys featuring fun adventures, special moments, connection, stimulation and microdoses of magic.

Not For Profit

The SparkleVerse Online Burn is a not-for-profit project.  Our tickets are by way of donation, with donations primarily shared between the Burning Man organisation, Art Grants & development/server/hosting costs.  We aim to donate a substantial portion of donations/revenue to the Burning Man organisation.

We have shared our Revenue Policy for clarity.

Ten Principles

SparkleVerse operates according to the Ten Principles of Burning Man, and expects participants and co-creators to do so too.

Our Project

SparkleVerse is a Recgonised Universe of Burning Man’s Multiverse.

SparkleVerse is licensed by BurningMan Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to use certain Burning Man intellectual property in alignment with the 10 Principles, but Burning Man Project is not a producer or organizer of SparkleVerse.

Our Organisation

The SparkleVerse Online Burn is a not-for-profit project wholly operated by SparkleVerse Ltd.

SparkleVerse Ltd is a company limited by guarantee without share capital, and a company registered in England and Wales with company number 12821153.

SparkleVerse Ltd
Third Floor
207 Regent Street
London, W1B 3HH
United Kingdom