Popular questions are below.  Many more are available in our SparkleVersity.

What is SparkleVerse?

SparkleVerse is a new kind of social technology – a giant interactive map made of spaces featuring concentrated creativity built by participants.   When you wander through these places, you adventure your senses, experience human connection and get microdosed on magic moments.

You can set off with a friend…
Marvel at a piece of art and talk to others looking too…
Get dance-hijacked by a DJ until you find yourself in a dance-off….
Join an unusual mini-meditation…
Chat to someone full of wisdom and mischief…
Get entertained by attractive strangers…
Continue on your quest…

Each experience is created by the participants for one another.  This brings many kinds of stimulation, novelty, inspiration, strangeness, beauty & awe.

SparkleVerse is both an interactive map space and tool kit – so people can create their piece – and the technology combines this into a patch work quilt of mini-adventures waiting to be explored.

What will you find on your quest?
What part can you play to put sparkles in the eyes of others?

Time & Dates

When is the online burn?

The 2021 Virtual is scheduled to take place between 22 August to 07 September 2021.

What time zone will events be in?

We have performers and artists from all regions of the World – so there will be events around the clock.

Technology & Compatibility

How does the SparkleVerse work?

The core of the SparkleVerse is web-based – like a cross between Google Maps and a computer game. You’ll be able to wander through a 2D map of a digital player, interact with other burners who are in close proximity through audio, video and messaging – and along your adventures – interact with all kinds of places and performances that are created. Our approach combines ease-of-use – so all participants will be able to move around and create experiences for others – as well as flexibility and extensibility for those who are more technically proficient. In this way, you can create a simple camp using our templates and tools, or you can build your own experience realms for other burners.

What are the requirements to access the Sparkleverse?

The SparkleVerse is intended to be highly compatible for everyone with a computer or laptop that is less than 5 years old or is capable of running up to date browsers and is on a good internet connection. We also recommend headphones and find bluetooth wireless headphones provide most freedom.

A more recent computer, with a larger monitor or even projector, two pairs of bluetooth headphones (so you can charge one while using the other) and a fast connection will help you make the most of the experience. If you have a VR headset, this may allow you to access art that requires it in a different way.

How can I change the camera I’m using in my browser?

We have a video tutorial for exactly this in our SparkleVersity.  Watch the tutorial here.


What are we co-creating in the SparkleVerse?

A Temporary Virtual Experimental City. SparkleVerse is an online virtual city of experiences and spaces, connecting people,  performances and art from across the World.  It is a place where you can go on roaming adventures with friends and meet new friends.

Art & Human Connection are Experiential:.Shared adventures, experiences of beautiful art and human connections are possible through online tools that connect virtual spaces and decentralised people experiences.

Online Adventures for Outlier Consciousness: We’ve grown up around computer games and moments online that have provoked awe.  We’re creating a place for magic moments to be shared for great states of consciousness to be achieved.


What does online party actually mean?

You, your computer and a stable internet connection, connecting with individuals across the globe, sharing moments, making memories. This can happen in any one of the multiple streaming services available to us (Zoom, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.) as well as our SparkleVerse platform. 

How much does it cost to join?

Tickets are donation based – with a suggested donation of $10.

Tickets grant you access from 22nd August – 7th September – where the event will start on 29 August. 

As well as this, we hope to give you further access Sparkleverse’s Infinite Playa where we will be leaving artwork in place for 3 months before we conduct our “leave no trace” sweep of our Virtual Black Rock City.   This is to be confirmed. 

Where does money donated go?

We are a not-for-profit event. You can read about our revenue policy here

Do I need to camp? 

If you want to camp, you can camp at home. We encourage you to isolate yourself from the outside World to fully immerse yourself in this experience.  

What do I need to bring?

Dress up, make gifts, make your space into a set. Be creative. You can go as far as you want.  We’ll be sharing more tips in the SparkleVersity.

Where can I buy tickets? 

Tickets are available here

How much do tickets cost?

SparkleVerse Tickets are donation based – with a suggested donation of $10 to 50 for those with income.  We understand many artists and performers have lost most of their income and so want to make this accessible.  The minimum donation is $0.

Do I need to be over the age of 18?

Yes – SparkleVerse is intended for an adult audience.

Do I need to get a ticket before I start creating?

No – our build tools will be available for you to explore. However, to access the event, you will need a ticket.

Do tickets to the SparkleVerse grant me access to other Multiverses?

As each universe is a separate project (in a separate dimension), tickets to SparkleVerse do not automatically grant access to other verses.  You can find out how to get tickets for other universes here. 

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