The SparkleVerse Online Burn is a not-for-profit project, created by a mix of polymath burners and artists who became friends while producing epic experimental online parties for their communities.

The SparkleVerse Online Burn is based on a philosophical exploration of:

  • What makes Burning Man transformative and magical
  • Why Burning Man creates amazing shared consciousness, context and human connection.
  • How to achieve these using online, mixed reality and decentralised tools.

In 2020, this was 1 of 7 Recognised Universe of Burning Man’s Multiverse.
In 2021, this is 1 of 6 Official Virtual Burning Man Experiences.

When all kinds of people, including BM staff told us, SparkleVerse feels like being at Burning Man, that they had amazing wandering adventures, found new friends and soul healing experiences, we proved that you don’ t have to go to the desert to have these experiences. This means, the Burning Man Effect can be scaled to 100x impact – and can include more people in more places all at once.

We have funded this ourselves – to the tune of $300k+ plus 1000s of volunteer hours. To further our mission, we seek your support.

There are two ways you can donate – via our tickets page – or through Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Donations

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About Our Project

The SparkleVerse Online Burn is a customised fork of an open source project – known interchangeably as Sparkle Space, Sparkle Verse and Sparkle.
The SparkleVerse Online Burn is wholly operated through SparkleVerse Ltd is a C.L.G.* (Company Limited by Guarantee without share capital), and a company registered in England and Wales with company number 12821153.

SparkleVerse Ltd
Third Floor
207 Regent Street
London, W1B 3HH
United Kingdom

Use of proceeds

Donations will be used to help pay for custom tech development work, for volunteer stipends and related expenses.

More details are in our Donation FAQ and on our Ticket Revenue Page.