What is the SparkleVerse Online Burn?

SparkleVerse Online Burn is an Official Virtual Burning Man Experience for 2021.

Our vision for SparkleVerse 2021 is to create the most radically inclusive burning man experience possible, taking advantage of the freedoms of the virtual with camps from all around the world, promoting radical diversity in people, imagination and perspective, with a commitment to the proactive inclusion of those whose physically disabilities might preclude them from participation on the IRL Playa: the blind, the deaf, refugees, the imprisoned etc. To us, this vision represents a positive elaboration of IRL Burning Man, which we naturally esteem as one of the finest engines of human consciousness and connection ever evoked.

We are seeking to raise 2+BTC. Why?

As a non-profit organization, created by burners for burners, we are seeking to raise 2+ BTC to develop our vision for the SparkleVerse online burn for 2021 and beyond. 

Donations would be much appreciated to help us execute the SparkleVerse Online Burn for 2021 and develop it there-beyond. Donations will go towards running this year’s event through volunteer stipends, expenses, art grants, software development specific to the online Burning Man Experience and ads that help more people discover and attend our event. 30% of all donations will pass directly to the Burning Man Org, in correspondence with our revenue and donations policy.

What happens if we exceed our target?

If we raise more than our target 2+ BTC we will safeguard the monies and invest in the ongoing elaboration of the project for future years. If we cease to exist or pursue the project, and remaining funds will be donated wholesale to the Burning Man Organization. 

How can you observe how the BTC are deployed?

We will update this page with a full account of our receipts and expenditures.

Why only Bitcoin?

We are fans of decentralisation and simplicity. 

How can you receive our thanks / acknowledgement on donating?

If you wish to be identified as one of our donors, we encourage you to send us an email burn@sparklever.se identifying the transaction for which you are responsible at around the time you initiate the transfer. You will then be the recipient of our thanks, and a dozen tickets to this year’s event.

Our relationship with Burning Man Project.

In 2020, The SparkleVerse Online Burn was 1 of 7 Recognised Universes of Burning Man’s Multiverse.
In 2021, The SparkleVerse Online Burn is an Official Virtual Burning Man Experience.

SparkleVerse is licensed by Burning Man Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to use certain Burning Man intellectual property in alignment with the 10 Principles, but Burning Man Project is not a producer or organizer of SparkleVerse.

What is the formal nature of our Organisation.

The SparkleVerse Online Burn is a not-for-profit project wholly operated by SparkleVerse Ltd.

SparkleVerse Ltd is a C.L.G.* (Company Limited by Guarantee without share capital), and a company registered in England and Wales with company number 12821153.

SparkleVerse Ltd
Third Floor
207 Regent Street
London, W1B 3HH
United Kingdom

Who are we?

Our team became friends while volunteering to co-create online parties for the community during lockdown. These events lifted peoples spirits and gave performance artists of all kinds a place to share their magic. Guests experiences healing grade fun and connection… and we discovered amazing experiences were possible through online mediums.

Then Burning Man invited us to create for the multiverse, and we utterly went for it.

SparkleVerse 2020 was amazing, together. Friends and strangers alike said the SparkleVerse Online Burn felt like the burn, had the same energy, featured amazing serendipities, found their people, and moments were up there with their best burns ever. We discovered that you don’t need to go to the desert to achieve the Burning Man effect – meaning – we can scale this to more people globally through technology.

Since then we’ve put thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the SparkleVerse Online Burn. We’ve funded this from our own pockets, subsidised it from our open source startup and enabled incredibly talented people to work as volunteers, some with minimal stipends.