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How to co-create the SparkleVerse:

We are building tools to integrate almost any experience you can think of, as well as templates that allow you to focus on art or performances


How can I create art in the SparkleVerse?

Your unique offering will be located on the map, and burners will be able to interact with this through audio, video or multimedia – and where more appropriate, extended through VR. We ask that experiences are highly compatible for everyone, but can be enhanced through VR integration for those with appropriate technology.


Can I give a performance in the SparkleVerse?

Absolutely – we will enable scheduled and popup performances in multiple spaces.


Can I create my own camp in the SparkleVerse?

Absolutely – the SparkleVerse is intended to empower groups of people to create their own camps and the magic of the experience is as real as you make it. We encourage you to create your own virtual spaces to share with each other. Your creative make believe is key to making this magic real for others.

How can find and join camps in the SparkleVerse?

Of course.  We’re exploring options for Camp recruitment and matchmaking.  For now, we suggest you join our SparkleVerse Facebook Group.


What kinds of gifts can I give in the SparkleVerse?

The art you create and the experiences you share are a primary form of gift. We will also allow you to give different kinds of digital gifts within a structure.

How do I get involved? What kind of support is available?

We will provide tools to make this easy, tutorials to show you how, and do all we can to help you co-create your part of the multiverse in Sparkle.

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